About NFC-Cloud

NFC-Cloud is a online tag-management tool. You can create so called "Cloud-Tags". With our Apps you can write the created Cloud-Tag of an actual NFC-Tag. After that you can decide online what is displayed when this tag is scanned by a NFC-reader. We support a rich set of configureable targets which will be displayed.

Every created Cloud-Tag has an unique code. This code is written to an NFC-Tag or exported as QR-Code. The scanned tag will then display the content you assigned to the associated Cloud-Tag.

Writing Cloud-Tags is easy with our Android or BlackBerry app. Install the free app on your NFC-capable smartphone and login with your NFC-Cloud account. The app then will synchronize available NFC-Tags and enables writing them to NFC-Tags.


Cloud-Tags - Manage displayed contents online

Currently supported features:

  • Travel badge with address details
  • vCard – your intelligent business card
  • mobile optimized facebook page with like button
  • mobile optimized twitter feed with follow button
  • Textual contents
  • Website redirects
  • App-collection card

Many more features are currently developed - stay tuned.

A detailed description to all Cloud-Targets can be found here NFC-Cloud features