Features: Our predefined Cloud-Targets

NFC-Cloud Services

NFC-Cloud.de is a online service for NFC-Tag management. Content of NFC-Tags is changeable at any time. Our tracking service gives an instant overview of their usage.

The following list shows avaiable standard services of NFC-Cloud. Beyond that, customized features or white label solutions are available for our business customers. Head to the homepage of the NFC21 GmbH to look at references.

Service overview:


With this target you can create web applications for smartphones without programming knowledge. Created apps run in every recent smartphone. An app may contain several pages with arbitrary contents.

Business card

Say goodbye to outdated business cards - update your contact details at any time. If your business partner scans your business card he always gets current contact information. Export to the common vCard format is also possible.


  • Add profile images and business logo
  • Add links to your social media profiles
  • Update supplied information at any time
  • Export profile as vCard for usage in other contact managers
  • Clickable phone numbers and e-mail address for mobile browsers
  • Clickable navigation link for supplied address

Travel badge

Enter your travel details and attach a NFC-badge to your luggage. If your baggage gets lost, activate entered information so that everyone can read the NFC-badge and see the target destination of your baggage.

You decide which parts of your travel data is displayed. You can hide and show contents of entered information. This makes sure that only if you need others to read your data it is actually displayed.

You can supply the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Home address
  • Target address
  • Travel data (airline, flight, date)
  • important notes

Contact form

If a Cloud-Tag with this target is scanned a contact form is shown. The entered information will be send to your supplied e-mail address.

Configure a contact form asking the following things:

  • Name
  • Contact-data
  • A custom message

Website redirect

Redirect with your Cloud-Tags to supplied URLs. Just insert a link and redirection will be done for your. Addionally you may supply a text which is displayed before the redirect is done. Of course you can change the redirected URL or displayed text at any time.


  • Redirect to your own long URL.
  • Show a message before you redirect.


Show a mobile optimized view of your facebook page. Short loading times and a big like button will ensure, that your users will have a good experience viewing your page on the go. The user can also change to the full page very easily.


Show a mobile optimized view of your twitter feed. Short loading times and a big follow button will ensure, that your users will have a good experience viewing your page on the go. The user can also change to the full page very easily.


You can create contents which are displayed to any user who scans your associated cloud-tag. Write a text, integrate images and links to communicate with your Cloud-Tags.


  • Create formatted text with the texteditor.
  • Add images and links as you like